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Concentrated Nutrition For Athletes Enhances Performance

by Cliff Smith

Olympic DiverTo find the best nutrition for athletes available today, you should be aware that many of the natural foods in our grocery stores are devoid of real nutrition. The artificial fertilizers used over the past century have created artificially enhanced plants that are lacking a density of nutrients needed to provide optimum nutrition for athletes. 

Farmers can grow big green plants and bright red tomatoes that look good, but as the soil is depleted year after year, so are the nutrients.  No amount of artificial fertilizer can recreate what nature made for us.

Why is nutrition for athletes different today?

The filming of a recent documentary about global climate change underscores the lack of high quality nutrition for athletes today from fruits and vegetables.  The film featured scientists who drilled holes in the Arctic in search of what was under the ice.  Digging down thousands of feet they discovered what is believed to be soil that has been preserved under ice for thousands of years.  

Frozen groundThis soil from ages past is so loaded with nutrients it can be surmised that the inhabitants of that time possibly lived on robust vegetables that were hundreds of times more nutrient dense than the food we eat now.  Imagine if we had fruits and vegetables providing that kind of nutrition for athletes today.

One obvious reason for the lower levels of nutrients in today’s food is that the oxygen levels in our atmosphere were much higher centuries ago before the air was filled with carbon monoxide.  That fact alone may help you understand why the natural foods in stores now are just not that effective for athletes, even if the items look healthy.  You will find better nutrition for athletes in advanced, nutrient dense, concentrated formulas that are not found in stores.

Where do you find concentrated nutrition for Athletes?

Sunrider Sunfit PackLook for whole food concentrates that are made with real, natural, whole foods.  The whole food ingredients are super-concentrated so that small amounts provide the nutrients of many plants and deliver powerful nutrition for athletes. 

Equally important as the ingredients, if not more so, is the way the ingredients are processed. Are the nutrients so highly processed that the whole food structure of the plants has been altered?  If the foods or drinks have been pasteurized, or heated to high temperatures, it is possible they have been depleted of many of the live enzymes found in raw, natural foods.  Those enzymes are important catalysts for nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to open the doors to your cells where they can provide the best energy for you.

Sunfit Pack by Sunrider

Generally speaking, products that are processed at lower temperatures maintain the complex of whole food ingredients better than those that have been heated or pasteurized.  Pasteurization is necessary to kill bacteria in liquids such as milk, but it also destroys enzymes.  That’s why raw milk is better for calcium absorption than pasteurized milk.

When you put in a good workout, you want to know that your efforts aren’t being sabotaged by a lack of the right nutrition for athletes.  You want quick recovery times and you want to feel good when you’re giving it your all, but knowing which foods and drinks to choose for optimum performance is essential.  You could settle for less at the store, but it won’t get you the results that you'll feel with today’s more advanced, concentrated whole foods and health drinks.

Author Cliff Smith is the owner of BestHealthFoodStore.net and is constantly researching the latest nutrition for athletes.  Cliff is a serious mountain biker who has logged thousands of miles over rugged terrain in the Southwestern United States. He offers information on more than 400 products, including concentrated whole foods and health drinks that are not typically sold in retail stores.  

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