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5 Ways That Soft Drinks Are Destructive to the Body

By Cliff Smith

Kid Not Listening to Soft Drink WarningsWhen there are so many choices for flavorful and totally natural health drinks, it is baffling to experts why anyone still consumes soft drinks.  It seems that some people just do not want to hear about all the dangers asssociated with these sugary treats.  Too many have been led to believe that soft drinks are a part of Americana.  Unfortunately, while they may be associated with fun things like baseball games and carnivals, soft drinks are not fun for the body, and are unnecessary now that there are tasty, natural health drinks available online.

Look around and see the many ways that these bubbly little beverages are destroying the health of many Americans.

1. Soft drinks work very much like a diuretic, robbing the body of essential hydration. A considerable amount of water is required just to process the high levels Drink to Your Health with Fortune Delightof sugar and chemicals in sodas.

  • To fulfill your hydration needs, 8-12 glasses of water are required for every soft drink consumed.  Health drinks made with all natural ingredients, on the other hand, help the body absorb water.  This makes water more effective in hydrating and energizing the body.

2. The high sugar content in soft drinks can cause the pancreas to produce an over-abundance of insulin, leading to a "sugar crash".  This is a condition that is particularly noticeable after finishing a meal that is high in simple carbs from breads, pastas and desserts, swallowed down with sugary soft drinks.  Chronic elevation and depletion of sugar and insulin can eventually lead to diabetes. This is espVitaFruitecially problematic for growing children.

  • Kids will consume natural health drinks that taste good.  Fortunately, there are some excellent choices made with whole food ingredients.  We’re not talking about those sugary vitamin waters made with isolated vitamins from a lab and enhanced with candy-colored dyes, but health drinks made from real whole foods, like fruits and herbs.

3. Soft drinks interfere with digestion. Caffeine and sugar virtually shut down the digestive process, forcing the body to expend all of its energy on those things while other nutrients go to waste. That means the body is essentially taking in fewer nutrients from food consumed, especially if the food is being followed by a soda.  Health drinks with natural ingredients are far more beneficial for working with the body's natural digestive processes.

4. Many diet soft drinks contain Aspartame, which has been linked to depression, insomnia, neurological disease and a plethora of other illnesses. The FDA has received more than 10,000 consumer complaints about Aspartame.  Sunnydew Liquid SteviaThat's 80% of all complaints about food additives. 

  • This is prompting many people to take a closer look at Liquid Stevia.  Stevia is an herb that is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has proven to be beneficial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels for healthy individuals.  Stevia sweetener has zero calories, it is all natural and adds quite a bit of flavor to natural health drinks without causing problems for the pancreas.

5. Soft drinks are so acidic they can leach aluminum from the cans when sitting on the shelf too long.  Alzheimer patients who have been autopsied have high levels of aluminum in their brains.  Soft drinks can remove rust from a car bumper or other metal surfaces. Imagine what they do to the digestive tract as well as the rest of the body, including the brain. 

  • Cans of Soft DrinksThe acid forming properties of soft drinks cause the body to work extra hard in order to maintain a healthy pH balance.  The human bloodstream naturally exists at a pH of about 7.4.  Many soft drinks have a pH of less than 4.  Some natural health drinks have a pH level above 7.0, so they are considered to be alkaline drinks.  Experts, and books such as The China Study, describe how diseases flourish in an acidic environment.  

It is easy to see how problems caused by soft drinks are part of the health crisis in America today.  It is also quite apparent that this is an easy issue to solve.  If everyone in America drank natural health drinks instead of soft drinks, the health of the nation would greatly improve.  Obesity rates would go down, diabetes would be slashed and some arthritic problems would virtually vanish.  Just take a look at the ingredients in soft drinks and see that the good life is not in one of those well advertised, colorful bottles of bubbly sugar.Cliff Smith

Author profile: Cliff Smith is an owner of an online health food store that offers health drinks not sold in retail stores.  Cliff is also a professional actor and serious athlete who is constantly researching the best nutrition. When not working, Cliff is usually mountain biking over rugged terrain in the Arizona desert.

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