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Hi, I'm Cliff Smith, and with my wife, Jane Wakefield, we are the owners of this online health food store. 

Cliff Smith-Co-owner of BestHealthFoodStore.netIn 2001, I was about 30 pounds overweight.  Plus, I had some arthritis problems that I thought would last forever, but that all changed when we discovered Sunrider products.

In addition to being one of the owners of BestHealthFoodStore.net, I’m an actor and voiceover artist.  I worked for 25 years as a radio personality in places like Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.  I created this online health food store to share products that have really delivered noticeable results for us and so many others. Now, at age 55, I regularly mountain bike over rugged terrain, can swim a mile, and hike in the Grand Canyon. Using these products as my main source of serious nutrition, I eat other stuff for fun and still keep going faster, farther, longer each year! -Cliff Smith/Co-owner of BestHealthFoodStore.net

Health Food Store Owner

Jane is our online health food store nutrition coach who personally consults customers and Sunrider members.

With a degree in Education from Arizona State University, and an extensive background in nutrition, Jane has educated hundreds of people on healthier lifestyle choices.
NuPlus is the perfect low carb food

"When I first started eating NuPlus and drinking Calli Tea and Fortune Delight I was skeptical because I thought that I was already in good health.  At age 45 I was doing okay, but I thought I'd better be proactive to prevent the ailments some of my friends were experiencing.  What I realized, after a few weeks, was a much higher level of health and vitality. I had more energy and could last longer on the tennis Calli Teacourt without getting winded.  Now, at age 62, I feel stronger and healthier than ever. My acupuncturist says, “You are the healthiest patient I have.”  My OBGYN says, “You have the health of a 30 year old.” -Jane Wakefield /Co-Owner of our health food store online.           

More About Us and Our Manufacturer

Fortune DelightAll the natural foods and health drinks at this online health food store are made by one private company, Sunrider International, based in Torrance, California.  After trying hundreds of other health food store products, we concluded that nothing compares to Sunrider, so we just don't bother carrying anything else.  Fiber Rich FoodsSunrider makes over 417 products for a healthy home and body and they have been doing it since 1982.  These are, without a doubt, the highest quality products available today, and you won't find them at typical health food stores or supermarkets.

The husband and wife founders, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, MD, of Sunrider, have been in charge of the day to day operations and product developments since 1982.  He is a licensed pharmacist and world renowned expert on the power of all natural food grade herbs for nutrition, while she is a Medical Doctor. Their products are now distributed in over 42 countries with millions of members worldwide. Click to read more about us and the Sunrider connection.

Click for details on how to: purchase directly from Sunrider at discount prices.

  • SunFit Pack by SunriderThe low carb foods, high fiber foods and health drinks featured here are made with whole food grade herbs, fruits, legumes and other all natural ingredients.  The plants are processed so carefully that the natural whole food complex of each plant is still intact.  That means these formulas include live enzymes, which in turn promote a more effective absorption of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (plant nutrients) into your body.
  • The concentration levels of the nutrients in the low carb, high fiber foods, health drinks and carefully combined herbal supplement formulas featured here are so dramatic that you can see and feel real, visible results every day.  You get more nutrients for your dollar and fewer empty calories for your money with concentrated, nutrient dense food and drink formulas.

Sunrider manufactures over 415 items for health, nutrition for athletes, anti-aging, natural skin care and personal care, including environmentally friendly household cleaning products.  In fact, Sunrider's care for the environment extends to all their manufacturing processes and packaging.  Even the ink on the recyclable containers is made from plants.

Sunrider Philoso[phy of Regeneration

All of the Sunrider products do 3 things, nourish, balance and cleanse.  We believe in a whole body approach to health, and that when provided the proper nutrients, each person reaches their own natural balance.  Sunrider products provide this kind of nourishment. That is why our friends and clients hardly ever shop at the grocery store any more.  They get their household products and almost all of their serious nutrition from Sunrider. 

We offer all visitors to our online health food store the opportunity to shop and buy directly from Sunrider, so they may purchasefrom the manufacturer at discount prices.

Sunrider Membership Banner

When you become a Sunrider Member, you'll get discounts and special offers.

  • Membership does not require any monthly fees, minimum purchases, annual fees or other hidden charges whatsoever.  There will never be any automatic charges or obligations on your part.

To begin saving, Click to see the Sunrider Free Membership Details

We hope you'll consider this unique way of shopping for the finest all natural health products on the planet at the best prices.  If you aren't ready to make that kind of commitment, please let us know what specific products you are seeking.  We'll help you find the answers and give you the best possible prices. 

We enjoy helping people achieve greater fitness through the power of nutrition.  That's why we offer free shipping on orders over $100.00 and personal customer service.

Thank you for shopping for all natural foods, low carb foods, high fiber foods, health drinks, Sunbreeze oil and natural skin care products at BestHealthFoodStore.net. Share this information with your friends, and look around to read some of our nutrition facts and tips or take the alkaline food test.

"The best health food is on the net!"

As a bonus, when you join Sunrider with Besthealthfoodstore.net you get:

  • Free access to live nutrition coaches any time you ask for it.
  • Telephone and personal online support.
  • Inside information on the most effective ways to use the Sunrider products for your health and fitness objectives. 
  • Valuable tips along with all the training and support you need to make the most of your Sunrider experience.

Contact Us to achieve real results for your health and fitness objectives!

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen of SunriderDr. Tei-Fu Chen, the man who created all of our best health food store formulas, has this to say about his products:  "My family eats Sunrider food, and now my grandchildren eat it.  They are the first quality control department.  I want to live to 200 years old and look 50.  I make sure that everything in my 1 million square foot kitchen is the highest quality.  Formulating, manufacturing, and controlling quality all require owner expertise.  Other companies claim they have hundreds of researchers so they are better than one Dr. Chen.  I know that 100 monkeys are not equal to one man.  I view everyone in Sunrider as family. I will not jeopardize quality to make a few bucks. I cannot put out products that don't meet my standards.  I believe I deserve the best, and you do, too."

Read our online health food store testimonials

Most Products are on backorder from Sunrider. We will not take any more orders until Sunrider resolves their production problems. Please use our site for educational purposes, read the blog to learn about the products and how to best use them.

GMO Free LabelMoney Back Guarantee logoEASY Refund and Exchange Policy After you purchase anything at our health food store online, if you feel that it does not live up to your expectations, simply return any unused merchandise within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price, or exchange for equal value. 

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

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